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Monocoques construction carbon fiber bike frames

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Update time : 2019-05-16 14:23:47

We have several styles are made in one piece mould, that is called Monocoques construction, so tell me if you have any ideas on this technology.

One piece mould, 100% monocoques-Manufacturing a true monocoque(one single piece) frame is a more expensive, more exclusive procedure since you need as many moulds as the sizes produced, because it is also ture that whan a road fraem cracks it usually cracks on a bonded area(expecially on chainstay-dropout or seatstay-droupout areas). That's whay you will never see a glued, tube to tube carbon frame in a sprint track race.
So HYGGE decided to make the bike out of a single monocoque to avoid bonding of parts and carbon over wrapping. The result should be incredibly stiff adn extremely light. In the market, only Cipollini made this style, but now we are the second one to make.

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